Hullo! So, not so fun news to deliver, sorry about this. I am going to be taking a little break from Judecca for health (physical+brain) reasons. Right now I’m looking at 4 weeks as break length, give or take a week. I’m struggling with the health of my wrists, they haven’t had fully time to recover from previous workloads, and I have an upcoming move spinning my anxiety into double gear.

I’ll be taking this time to charge my emotional batteries and focusing on giving my hand TLC and physio without fucking it up with constant stress. I promise Judecca will be back soon, when I feel ready to give it my full care and love. Thank you so much to everyone for your attention and patience.

Here is an unfinished panel from the next page, which has my fav jerks interacting and it’s killing me to finally get to these bits and yet feeling so lukewarm about it?? v__v brain why

That’s all I think. Take care of yourselves, I shall attempt to do that now as well. <3